BIOS Update - Mod/unlock

Hi, I can’t find the links to the Bios and the module to be replaced. Where can I find them?
Thank you

Hi can you please upload AMITSE_patched.efi again? The link is expired.

Edit: nvm, did it myself.

Users that bought the minibook from sources ither than indiegogo that there was the first release, can provide BIOS versions to check if there is any latest one. If somebody have, it’s easy to dump for others.

I’m sure battery issue has to do with BIOS


Can anyone confirm if you can changes the tdp settings on the 8100y with the modded bios, I’d like to do this but have installed the new bios that chuwi provided so not sure of the risk.

I have also copper heat sink modded mines which has given it more thermal headroom

Sure you can, there are many settings there, I saw values but didn’t test it

mate, can you check if it’s possible to make keyboard backlight default “OFF” and we enable it as per need?

Have anyone the Bios Mod for me?
All downloads are broken und don’t work :slightly_frowning_face:
8100Y version… Thanks :v:

It’s not possible to turn off keyboard light in bios

Wanted to write on EC, not BIOS.

Do you know if that unlock method works on latest BIOS 009?

Where can we find the bios 009?

你好 我也想下載修改的請問該去哪裡尋找呢?

Hello, I also want to download and modify. Where can I find it?

Finally it was a misunderstanding, no newer bios exist

I found another location where the patch is saved:

So I’ve succesfully patched and flashed my modded BIOS (note that the original instruction forgets to mention you need to change to the location of your flash drive once in the UEFI shell, see the comment above about command fs2: or fs7: or whatever your flash drive turns out to be)

Now I’m spoiled for options with the new menu choices and I’m left wondering if anyone has any recommendations on what settings to actually change to minimise fan noise under normal use???

FYI, I patched this on my brand new minibook which comes with 256GB eSATA and pen support, after checking that the factory ROM it came with was also version 5.12.