Chuwi Minibook 8100Y - Drivers

Hello to everyone
after many years I succeeded in finding a used minibook on eBay at an acceptable price.
Unfortunately, I am figuring out some problems, especially with the battery. Sometimes the computer doesn’t recognised it, even if it is able to turn on and stay alive without being connected to the power supply.
I am also trying to update it to Windows 11, but the TPM seems not activated and the bios doesn’t allow anything.
I found some old posts to update the bios or unlock it, but they are old and missed many information.
Can someone help me?
There is a repository where I can find updated drivers and bios?

I tried to check on Chuwi support center, but when I try to insert the serial number, it says it is not right

If you use Rufus Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way to create Bootable Windows 11 USB key, then it has options to disable TPM, Secure Boot & 4GB RAM constraints set in Windows 11. The resulting Windows 11 USB installer will work on most modern systems.

Write to for drivers if not available online

Thank you for your answer, i will try it.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t resolve my main problem about the battery. Any suggestions?

In all you have mentioned 3 issues

  1. Battery not recognized
  2. Updating to Windows 11
  3. Where to find drivers and BIOS

They are not interrelated. Battery issue could be HW or SW. Check if it goes away after installing Windows 11. If not it may be a HW issue and if you do not find a working solution, taking your laptop to a nearby service or repair center could be the option to explore!