Is it possible to enable TPM on chuwi minibook?

With the news that windows 11 requires a tpm module, but as far as I can see the chuwiminibook does not have one? I can’t find anything in the bios either about enabling one. I assume that basically this laptop cannot be upgraded to windows 11? Be nice if there was a solution for this?

I left the same question. However, there was no answer. No one may know or have no way to activate TPM 2.0.

Chuwi like ALL Chinese companies are NOT allowed to have TPM chips in there devices.
These companies expect you to pay upto £1000 for a device (portable) with no security.
I’m now using a Surface book .


This isn’t true, I have Chuwi Aerobook Plus and it has TPM 2.0 in it. I was hoping maybe the minibook had one but had to do something to get it to turn on.

If Chuwi left it enabled in firmware, Intel’s Platform Trust Technology is supported by the m3-8100y. This is a virtual TPM built into the CPU itself.

Tpm 2.0 is illegal in China and Russia and uses its own government-specified security chip.
So it seems that tpm 2.0 is disabled except for computers made for foreign countries.

In the first place, domestic products with their own rules should not be sold to foreign countries.