Windows 11 on Minibook 8 (m3-8100y - Windows)

Hello everyone.
Has anyone updated their Minibook 8 m3-8100y to Windows11?

I previously updated to avoid TPM 2.0 check, but some driver problems occurred, so I downgraded to Windows 10 again.
A recent forum post says that J4125 version has passed the update requirements… Is this true?

If so, can we expect the 8100y as well? (Of course, I’m not expecting too much…)

Or, unfortunately, should I update by avoiding TPM2.0 once again?
Can I get a suitable driver?

If you are a Windows 11 user, please tell me.
thank you.

Hello hiccupturtle, welcome to the forum.

According to Intel website, m3-8100Y processor is compatible with Windows 11.

Windows processor requirements Windows 11 supported Intel processors | Microsoft Docs

This being said, it’s only about CPU compatibility. It does not mean that CHUWI Minibook will have all drivers for Win11.

Please check following posts that may help you a bit.

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