Installing Windows 11

Hi, how do we install Windows 11? I keep getting the TPM 2.0 error. I have tried all the workarounds to bypass the TPM 2.0 check (which worked on my other computer) but Windows 11 just refuses to install on my Minibook.

Solution found!

Download and run this file:

You should also do this:

And this TPM registry fix:

I’m already using Windows 11 well. For how to apply Windows 11, refer to a channel run by a Korean YouTuber. I hope it helps other people, too.
This YouTuber lives in Australia, so it is possible to communicate in English.
By clicking on the title below, you can watch the YouTube channel I referred to.

How to install it even on a PC that does not support Windows 11. This is a method that does not require TPM and does not require UEFI settings.

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Hi! This video is in the Korean language. Can’t understand. Can you please describe the procedure? Thanks.

There is already an official windows 11 upgrade on the windows update, chuwi minibook 8 J4125 has passed the requirements.

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I just update my MiniBook 2022 version, works perfect everything in Win 11.