Black screen without reasons

This morning after stop playing in the sofa, I leave it charging while it was off.

2h later I try to swith it on but I only see screen become more or less dark grey (near to screen off).

This evening, I’ve try to switch on again, playing with power and volume buttons.
I saw “100%” while 3 seconds after vibrations and that all.
No way to reboot with display working correctly.
I don’t know what to do.

All ideas are welcome of course.

What’s your device?

Generally unplug type C USB cable and try holding volume down + power buttons until the screen blink and Chuwi Logo shows up. This should boot your device up to system.

Thanks Super, yes it work but I reboot 5 min later and turn to black screen again.

This device definetly need a new firmware…
Too much problems without reason.

And since 10 min, I try to restart it without success.

If you come across the black screen or screen off, try holding volume down + power until you can boot up the system. Try Factory reset in the system. There may be some conflict in the system. If there is no new firmware available for your device yet, Factory reset will make the system fresh start again.