CHUWI HiPad XPro Tablet Dead after 2 hours?

I ordered a brand new CHUWI HiPad XPro 6GB 128GB Tablet Android from the official store. After setting it up everything looks good. However after watching youtube for an hour or so, the screen goes blank/dark. I have tried to hold power button for 10 seconds to shut it down and restart - that did not help. Also tried holding power buttonwith volume down button for 10 seconds, same thing - I heard noise from the tablet and screen flickers for a second and then screen remains blank/dark. I did not see any logos appearing in both cases. Is this tablet dead already? Never had a Chuwi before, all my previous tablets were from samsung. Not sure if this is the way it is.

No that is not the way. Can you tell me in which store did you buy? Global, Europe, or Spain? and when? So we can start the replacement for a new one, as that is not normal

Order from global store. I have provided a video of the problem and the device serial number. I am hoping they can send a working replacement soon. It really bothers me the device stopped working after just 2 hours and it even comes with a quality inspection sticker inside the box.

Can you tell me the email you used to provide that information, and also the email to which you wrote? because with the one you used in this forum i cannot find anything.

Hi is there an official store support email I can provide my info to? Hopefully it will have a quicker turn around than my current method of reaching out for support (>1 day for a response).

Write to
They usually take 48h/72h to answer
I read this forum 2 times a day.

It turns out the service email is only for technical support.

And the seller (offical chuwi store on refuses to send a replacement. I was told to mail the defective tablet back (at my own cost), then repurchase another one at their store (where price is now higher since the item was purchased while on sale). It does not appear to be the right way to do business in this day and age, when most major store offers free return/replacement for defective items.

I need to know exactly the store because we have severals, so send me the exact link in which you purchased the tablet,and the order number. As i need to know which whom of my colleagues i need to talk to and see if i can help you, because i think there has been some kind of misunderstanding.

How do I provide the information to you privately?

Send me a message, i will read it

How do I send you a message?

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