HiPad XPro screen abnormalies

After using the HiPad XPro tablet for about 2 months only, one night the screen go crazy and start tapping on its own, after a while it stopped, then the screen starts having abnormalies. You can refer to the following video https://www.youtube.com/shorts/ywEpeC8un0Q
This is not the first Chuwii tablet that I have bought, I was really happy with the previous Chuwi tablet, thus this second purchase, in fact I was planning to buy a third one, but now I will probably need to reconsider.
I tried to reach out through Lazada and customer support contact through email and the communication is extremely slow and never follow up fully to attempt to resolve my issue, it’s quite a dissappointed customer support I would say. I am hoping I can get some real help here.

I bought the tablet on Lazada Singapore.
Bought on 3 Mar 2024, delivered on 9 Mar 2024. First reported the issue on 27 Apr 2024.

That Screen is broken. I showed the video to tech, they told me needs to be replaced. You need to contact my colleagues in Lazada, because they need to handle the repair from there.