Boot issue with Chuwi Ubook X and USB-C HUB

Hello, I have a <10 in 1 USB-C HUB to HDMI+RJ45+VGA + USB3.0x3+SD/TF Card Reader+Audio+PD>, and if I try to boot my Chuwi Ubook X with the device plugged, it starts very slowly.
Instead if I boot the Chuwi Ubook X alone and I plug the “docking station” later on it works fine.
I have noticed also that in the UEFI setup system if the HUB was plugged the speed was much lower than normal: the cursor was barely moving between the menu choices. As soon as I was unplugging the HUB, the speed was restored to the normal.

You can check the bios and look for boot order. Make sure your windows drive is the first.

hey would suggest that you check bios and look for boot order