Cannot boot chuwi Hi10 x in legacy mode even though the option is available in the bios

hey friend, i want to ask, for those who know please reply please.
the plan is the chuwi hi10x tablet I want to make dual boot windows 10 and linux, but the problem is to move the operating system cannot use a touch screen, it must use a keyboard, because to my knowledge the grub loader doesn’t support touch screen, except refind bootloader, it says support on some tablets, unfortunately on tablets Chuwi doesn’t support touch screen, it has to be modified first and I don’t understand that, then can anyone help me, for modifying the refind bootloader to support the touch screen on the chuwi hi10x?
or an alternative to using the Windows boot manager, unfortunately that can be added to other operating systems only Windows Boot Manager lagecy type, for Windows Boot Manager UEFI can not be added to another operating system, I have been searching for a solution but have not found a way.
then the last way to use lagecy bios, but the problem is in chuwi hi10x, in the picture above I have chosen lagecy but don’t know why booting from a bootable flash disk is not able to enter, it is always brought to the bios, as if rejected. because the windows boot manager supports touch screens.
even though the secure boot has been turned off. please help me friend, thank you.

Try USB keyboard?
That should allow you to control the bios.

yes I have tried it, but I want to choose an operating system with a touch screen

why is your bios in landscape instead or portrait