Chuwi DESKTOP-7H68252 does not recognize Dell Monitor

Trying to project to a new Dell monitor but uBook will does not see it. Connected Monitor HDMI to Type C on uBook using adapter. Tried connecting thru Multi Port also- same result.

Have you tried to connect another different monitor? Because maybe its compatibility issue…

Yes , I have another monitor, at another house, that connects ok. Had an old monitor here ( also did not connect) so just bought Dell Monitor to replace it. Could it be a driver issue?

Check this out:

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Ordered a Display Port to HDMI Adapter. Only thing I haven’t tried yet. I’ll let you guys know if it works.

Did not work. I’ve now tried about everything. Could it just be an incompatibility issue between Dell Monitor and the Chuwi uBook X? This doesn’t sound right.

One last idea. Does the monitor pop up in Device Manager?

After this I’m out of ideas.