CHUWI Flagship Store - Take care, fraud

Dear colleagues in this forum, I need to share with you an incredible experience with the Ali Express seller CHUWI Flagship Store. Got a Corebook X from them (delivered on time, all fine), but unfortunately with (most probably) a defective processor unit, as it was impossible to run the unit since the first windows installation (bluescreen, frozen, etc…). Until here, nothing that cannot happen from time to time to any computer manufacturer.

I was simply requesting a replacement of the damaged unit. But seller reaction was to reject my proposal arguing I cannot demonstrate the failure was on their equipment, proposing not to replace, neither to reimburse. Sure I’m started a dispute procedure on Ali Express, trusting they will take care of the customers, but the seller attitude was really of concern and I’m ready to complain to the local authorities as this is to me a clear fraud according to commercial regulations.

I do not have any concern on Chuwi computers (knowing I’m buying a cheap laptop) and in fact I took my decision based on a a friend having one of those and working flawless; but I want to share this experience with all of you to avoid you to face the same situation. This seller is not a trustable one, although I’m still hoping they to react properly by simply replacing the unit as required, and for sure, free of any charge.

Hi all, wrap up on the situation after 2 weeks of discussion.

Quite an arrogant and offensive seller, not accepting they have send a defective product for which I was asking simply to replace by a sound one. Situation finally managed by dispute resolution process in Ali Express although my money is still not back in my account. On top, and despite dispute resolution was indicating seller should reimburse and pay the sent back costs, I was finally obliged to do on my own, as no voucher received to sent it back free of charge, and no way to claim on this in Ali EXpress. All in all, a very bad experience. I would really suggest not to get any from this Chuwi representative seller (CHUWI Flagship Store). Seriously thinking to place a complaint to police to try to contribute this situations not to be repeated again. At the end, this is a kind of fraud, as after two weeks, I have nothing (including the money I paid for the laptop, as still not reimbursed) and net result is that, considering I will get my reimbursement, I have spent some money for a defective product not delivered. As said, a complete fraud.

I am very sorry for your bad experience with that Aliexpress store and I am glad they agreed with the dispute. I think you could claim a refund of the shipping costs of the defective product from Aliexpress.
And of course thanks for the notice and tell your experience

It seems that all Chuwi brand sellers do not accept returns for damaged products. In any case, after any dispute, it offers a discount and repair in official stores. In my case they deducted 20 euros and I am waiting for the screen to be changed. A very strange company policy …
I contacted the repair company and at the moment they have no stock of screens. According to them it takes a month and a half to bring it from China. Good luck to all who have problems with your equipment!

Just a short update about the topic. Finally I managed to get my money back from dispute mechanism in Ali Express, and also to get back the parcel cost i paid to send the computer back to the seller. They pay me directly in my PayPal account. So, all in all, fully reimbursed. Just to be fair with the seller and to share my (good) experience with this seller after all the dissapointment…

I am glad that everything has been solved. Thanks for sharing your experience