Chuwi HI 10 GO - brightness reduced to zero

I bought a Chuwi Hi 10 Go but after a week of use, the screen has gone black since yesterday. Looking closer, I realized that in reality the tablet is on, but it has a brightness reduced to practically zero (in a room with light it is impossible to see what is on the screen)

I tried to:

  • Update the Drivers
  • Upgrade to Windows 11
  • press Ctrl + Win + alt + B
  • press Ctrl + alt + delete
  • press Ctrl + P
  • disabled “Turn on fast startup” in the Power Options
  • Restart the PC by pressing the power button for 30 seconds

Can you help me?

Thank you

Hello, welcome to the forum.

By the time you turn on the tablet, CHUWI symbol appears with higher brightness before entering Windows or Brightness is always minimum even when turning on.

I ask this because, if brightness minimum only in Windows but not before, like in boot, etc. It may be driver issue.

But if no brightness neither in boot menu, BIOS Setup, etc, it may be the backlight malfunction.


Brightness is always minimum even when turning on

thank you

Hello, How long you have bought the tablet? If still on warranty I recommend to contact for fix or replacement.

It looks like backlight is either gone or with some bad contact.