Chuwi Hi 10x SSD Ugrade..?

hi, is it possible to upgrade the internal SSD drive on the Chuwi Hi10x tablet…?


No there is no place for an ssd inside

thanks for reply…is it an m.3 drive then…?
or is it soldered to board…?


sorry…m.2 drive…?

It’s emmc 128 Gb soldered .

thanks again for answering my questions on this…last question :slight_smile:
is it possible to upgrade the emmc then, i need more space as i’m plan
tripple boot, win 10 - linux - android setup.

sorry mate…that was silly question, just had a look at emmc memory…thanks for your help.

In my very limited knowledge I think the eMMc can possibly be replaced, with care by someone used to soldering. There may even be a relevant YouTube video, though one I watched which was about replacing the screen could be off putting.

Most in business repairers will not touch sealed Tablets because it takes a lot of time, is risky, and not worth doing commercially — but I know someone who may be starting to do it as his business specialises in repairing ‘old’ computers to prevent them being dumped. He is at present trying to replace the battery on my first 2-in-1 machine, as a learning exercise — his main problem is finding an appropriate battery.

There may be a potential untapped market here?