Suggestion seeking to replace Chuwi Hi12 internal storage

Hi everyone!

In order to increase the internal storage and improve speed, I am considering to replace my Chuwi Hi12’s internal mini SSD. I am thinking of buying this from AliExpress:

Does anyone know the specification of Hi12’s internal mini SSD ? Will this one (link above) can be installed in Hi12? Also, is there is any video or article of how can I replace it myself?

Thanks in advance to the wise senior to respond !

  • Erfan

I don’t think it’s compatible. The internal storage of the Hi12 is eMMC and is soldered to the board, there are no ports or slots compatible with M2 SATA SSD

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That’s sad. I was hoping to increase the performance by upgrading to SSD. Worked like a charm on my laptop. Hi12 a brand new fresh is fast enough on windows10. But after win10 updates and app updates, it gets slower… Even daily apps like Edge, Chrome or Groove Music opening time is slower than my laptop. My laptop was also slow before SSD upgrade even with corei3.