Chuwi Hi 12 charger

Hi. Can anyone tell me what is the best charger (3rd party or not), for Chuwi Hi12?
The original is shown on the photo. Also the cable does it matter?


The original chargers that come with the devices are usually not top of the line, but they do the job. To have another alternative or if the original has failed, you can easily replace it with a standard charger from Amazon or any online store, as long as the output values of 5 volts and 3 Amps are met. My experience with Aukey chargers is very good. Please note that you will not need a fast charging charger (with orange outlets). Chargers with green outlets will do their job and charge the device.
The cable must meet the minimum section standard to avoid overheating, those supplied together with the Aukey charger is sufficient

OK. I’ll try Aukey, since mine has failed.
Thanks a lot!