Chuwi Hi10 Fresh Reinstall

I was watching a video of a similar model being disassembled and apparently it has two places for an PCI-E slots that can possibly be added.

However, in this model (Hi13) eMMC and WiFi are soldered to the board without possibility to just detach and replace them. But seems like extra RAM could be added in the future. :slight_smile:

Pci-e slot is not soldered and I do not think that it will work if soldered because some components are missing nearby.

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You can try “Windows to go” to boot from a regular flash drive.

All components are welded to the motherboard, which makes them irreplaceable for uninitiated people. You can check what would be the price of a new plate to replace it in your country.

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it’s possible. You can try

Thanks, Ill give them a shout.

I am doing this for my non tech savvy friend and she is using the tablet to take orders in a restaurant. I cant make it too complicated for her.

i Had this problem in my Hi10Air
this is the corruption of the eMMC
see my tablet internal photos Hi10Air internal Photos

i ordred the eMMC chips from aliexpress and i have tried to change the chips by self but unfortunately i damaged the PCB because i didn’t heat the chip enough

i sent the the device back to chuwi service and they repaired to me and sent back to me
but still on the way this operation took around 3 months
if you have soldering skills or you know someone to do this for you its well and good
you can buy the chips and replace it by your self and save time
the chip number you will find at my internal photos site
this was my experience on that problem and how i solved
i wish it was useful for all you guys


Thank you very much for telling your case and the solutions found.