Chuwi Hi10 Plus Bootloader error

I wanted to eliminate android to gain space for windows 10. I deleted all deletable partitions. I was prompted for a choice to delete the option of dual boot, I chose “YES”. Then, I was promted “do you want to boot android” I chose “yes”(may be I was surpose to chose no)
Then my laptop went to “BOOTLOADER ERROR CODE 01”
It says “your device is unable to start because the boot image has failed to verify or is corrupted” “You may attempt to recover the device”
I tried all the options to recover but, the laptop will always come back to this point.
Please can someone advice on what to do next,I want all the space for windows 10 or go back to default.

Try to change boot in bios from android to windows.

Thank you for contributing , in the bios, I have tried windows manager also bootable usb stick but all will still take me back to the boot loader error.

Obviously you did not follow the correct procedure and I understand that it will be difficult to choose the boot with Windows unless you can, with a bootable USB flash drive of Windows 10 and pressing F7 intermittently at boot, so that the boot selection screen appears. and in it, choose Windows.
In case it does not work, you must do a clean installation of Windows following the steps in this tutorial:

Thank you, I will try clean install of windows and get you updated

I already created a media creation tool from the same laptop before the problem started. now, I tried to boot from bios, I used windows and the pendrive but, the result is still back to bootloader error. I

attached the bios setting, for your view.

If you see the flash drive you must start from it.
Please try turning on, with the USB stick on and pressing F7 intermittently without stopping until the boot selection menu appears and in it, choose the USB stick

thanks for the idea, I rebooted from the pendrive as advised but, problem not solved, always back to the bootloader error.

do you have any idea on how to go back to the dual boot, I have already deleted some partitions. for now the pc can only boot up to the bios.

Of course, you only have to install the Android and Windows files that exist for your model and serial number in the support section

thank you very much, before I read your recent reply I had downloaded the android and unzip it into a USB drive. I used this USB stick to boot but, to no success. Now what I understand is that I will have to down load the seven parts of the windows os and un zip them in addition to the android I had before, then use the USB stick to boot from bios. I attached my device model for further guide.

You have to follow the tutorial that you can download a little lower on the page that you point to download.

You should also check your serial number (it’s on the back of the tablet) to download the appropriate rom. The serial number contains the month and year of manufacture (for example, 1712 …) and means that it is from December 2017. You must download the rom closest to the date on your tablet and, if not exist the one that exactly matches, always the previous one.

thanks for your time. I hereby attached my model image, kindly pinpoint directly to what you suggest I have to


Exact. That is the version you need.
Do not touch anything on the Bios or update it

Thank you, I will get you updated.

thanks, able to boot into windows but, not android. Now to eliminate the android, all the drivers I needed are the attached image?

If you have restored the system with Chuwi rom files all devices should work properly. You can check this by going to the device manager and looking for a device with a yellow triangle or an unknown device.
If everything is correct, you should have a copy of your drivers in case, at some point due to an update, any of the devices stops working correctly. For this I use the doubledriver app, freely available on the internet using the search engine

I am very grateful for the attention you gave to me. I checked the device manager and all is well, no yellow triangle and unknown drivers. Now I will backup all the drivers for future references. Thank you.

Hi, please I need the network hardware driver for chuwi hi10 plus. I tried to download, but the link is not working. Unfortunately, I could not find it in my backup drivers folder. Thanks in anticipation.

Yea, I found a solution.