CHUWI Hi10Pro Linux Sound issue

I have decided to use my Hi10Pro with just Linux from now on, and I have tried several distros but I end up with the same issue. After a couple of days and after I have set up almost everything, out of the blue the sound disappears. The tablet acts as if there’s no sound card present. Not even the Bluetooth headset works any more.
I say out of the blue, because it has done the same issue with several distros so I can’t pin point something specific.

Distros I’ve tried so far
Manjaro KDE plasma
EndeavourOS LXQt
Fedora 35 (Gnome 41)
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Unity)
Pop! OS
openSUSE Leap xfce

Hadn’t it been for the sound issue, I’d definitely suggest Ubuntu, everything worked out of the box (apart from the sound that is, although it also worked to begin with)
EndeavourOS was also a pleasant surprise but definitely needed a bit more tweak to begin with

Hello, Hi10pro does not support Linux system