Chuwi HI8 Q32G22150803994 problem

After updating Windows to version 20H2, the touchscreen, auto-rotate and sound stopped working. Please give instructions on how to restore the tablet to work.

First of all, disable driver signature verification.“Restart”%20button%20to,Disable%20driver%20signature%20enforcement”%20option.&text=Your%20PC%20will%20boot%20with,able%20to%20install%20unsigned%20drivers.
Then try to reinstall drivers.

If this does not help, then try to roll back the update and make a backup of the working drivers.

Where can I find these devices in Device Manager?

Touch - human interface devices (HID)
Gyroscope - sensors
Audio- sound, video and game controllers

Failed to reinstall drivers. Now even the mouse and keyboard are not recognized :frowning: Tell me how to reinstall Windows from the Recovery Windows menu of the tablet, so that the Android system does not suffer? Is there any step-by-step instruction and a place where you can download the image?

Most likely it won’t help.
Open this spoiler.

Write to if you need files and tutorial for a complete system reinstallation