Chuwi Lapbook 15.6 BIOS

Hi Team

Where i can find BIOS for Chuwi Lapbook 15.6

Your serial number?

You gave me so much information, I almost knew where you lived.LOL.
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I have the 15" version. Tried, the Flashing progress stopped and says incorect. Am I missing something?

please contact

Can I have different built version of the Bios?

to: Management
Can u help me. I played into Bios\EFI…
And now not startup at all.
How I Reset EFI BIOS to default?
Or just flashing the SPI programmer now?
My serial number is # L15 Q64G40161201655, Model: CWI530
Which BIOS version is right for me?

Management you post old BIOS (11.10.2016)

My lapbook had a newer BIOS (11.24.2016) but now I flash your old BIOS, this is not good it go older BIOS!

Chuwi Management please can you mediafire post latest BIOS for my Lapbook??

Chuwi Lapbook 15.6 Model: CWI530 L15 (Serial number: Q64G40171000363) Designed by Chuwi. Made in China. Input:5v 3A

to: Management

My laptop stopped turning on. BIOS needs to be restored. Please send me the BIOS file.
My laptop: Chuwi Lapbook 15.6
Model: CWI530 L15
Serial number: Q64G40171101075
Processor: Z8350.
Thank you!