Chuwi Larkbox broken

Hello All,

My chuwi larkbox felt on the ground and is broken now. This means that the chuwi larbox is in two pieces now. I can still power on the unit, the blue light is working, but there is no display output and no fan noise.

I am wondering if there is any possibility to get data of the chuwi larkbox? I mean the storage is soldered to the board. Anyone know a method to get the data of the chuwi larkbox?

Kind Regards,


If the unit itself(the two micro boards) is broken, then its bye-bye storage and the info on it, except…if what you have on that 128 eMMc storage is really important to you, there’s a potential solution, but not guaranteed and is costly: buy another LarkBox and interchange the micro boards - one by one. If you are lucky the one with the onboard storage works and you can access the files.