Larkbox 2019 won't turn on / how to recover data?


I have the old model of Chuwi Larkboxes released in 2019, it has been working great until yesterday, but it won’t turn on and if I press-hold the power button it starts making a buzzing sound that increases in volume and after a while it starts beeping (as shown in the video). Has anyone dealt with this before? if so, is there a way to repair it? alternatively, does anyone know how can I recover the data from the embedded SSD?



I opened it up to see what was going on and where did that sound came from, unfortunately I found that some components seemed to be burned in one corner of the main card, also, I checked putting the board close to my ear and powering it on and it seems that is the proccessor, seems like my Larkbox past to better life, still hopping if anyone could help me to retrive the information from the SSD


I have this problem too (but without the buzzing.) My Larkbox has been working fine for several years, but today I discovered that it was off (I usually leave it running 24/7.) I could not get it to power on at all. From the little bit of research I’ve done, it doesn’t seem like there’s any way to retrieve data from the eMMC without any power. But if anyone has any suggestions–or if there’s any easy fix for the power situation, please let me know!