Chuwi LarkBox Pro Audio Problem with Linux

hello everyone I am writing to you because I recently purchased the CHUWI LarkBox Pro Mini PC Intel® Celeron® J4125 | 6GB\4GB RAM+128GB SSD.As long as I kept Windows 10, I didn’t have any problems. I then decided to remove Windows and install Linux Mint as an operating system and immediately had problems with the sound. Practically it does not work, in the audio settings the only peripheral is the hdmi output but being connected to a monitor without audio, I have no way to test if the audio really comes out. The real problem is that the headphone jack does not work. I also tried installing Ubuntu as the operating system and the result is the same. I tried to follow instructions found on the net but without results a in some cases I made the situation worse because the audio output became dummy. Can anyone who installed a linux system and fixed it help me? Thanks

Which version of ubuntu?
Try Manjaro linux with latest kernel.
It should have audio working.

Also see if there is any Bios update for your device.

i tried the latest version of ubuntu, manjaro and arch linux. nothing to do does not work

Then you will have to dig into the hardware drivers and see what if there is support for it in linux kernel.