Chuwi MiniBook X - Charging LED ALWAYS On!

Received my MiniBook X this week.

I was unable to charge using the supplied charger with UK Pin adaptor supplied did not work.

Then I tried multiple chargers, finally a PD worked.

However the darn charging light is always on and I mean always on - even when fully charged (turns to light green).

When the laptop is closed and powered down - the light always stays on - WHY???

Hello, when the laptop is fully charged and not in use, it is recommended to unplug the charger, thank you

The laptop IS Unplugged from charger
With light permanently on

See here

Completely shutdown

Each day 100% charged and unplugged


Overnight as crazy LED stays on

And power is down 30%

It’s either battery or other hardware fault

I am a software and hardware engineer - this pretty bad quality control

There should have been a simple check before you put QC sticker on - I mean why put a QC sticker saying it had been checked when it’s obvious in a powered off state something is wrong

Not happy at all

Just in case you want a side on view

Your QC is bad if laptop was checked via switching on or just hardware diagnostics before assembly only

Either way you can see after

  1. Ordering in jan with a January delivery date
  2. Device arrives nearly 2 months late
  3. With a hardware fault which should not have happened.

Now before we start the return process

I want Chuwi to send me a working replacement first as this is completely a Chuwi error

I used to own the original Chuwi minibook and have heard far too many complaints on the internet over how long it took to repair the devices - I mean very very long time frames

All I have done to this laptop is use for less than 1 day - getting annoyed with a school boy quality check error

Hello, please contact our email address thanks,

Ok will do
Now in windows powered on it always shows the device charging even when no physical charger is inserted

Hi, I have the same issue like this. What was the solution given to this problem?

Connect to support
They pay for collecting and delivery
Eventually get a refund