CHUWI N4120 Windows 10 pro

I want to install Windows 10 pro to device.
I have a an iso file made bootable with Rufus.
The usb drive is named WinPe.
The boot order changed in Bios to usb key first & NVME second.
Upon boot the tablet boots from the stick. I select primary partition having formatted it.
Windows 10 installs but after reboot the device keeps booting from usb & not the installed location. Its a circle.

Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

If I remove the usb after initial install the tablet boots from preinstalled Windows Home.


I’m not sure what the situation is in you.

If you have already installed Win10 home to your PC, you seem to be able to upgrade it to Pro edition through Setting.

Exactly, to upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro, simply update the product key, as this action will cause the options of the professional version of Windows 10 to be unlocked

The procedure to install Windows, any version, starts with the installation on the unallocated space of the chosen storage unit (you do not have to partition if you want to use all the storage and you do not have to format anything). If you also want to delete the previous system, in the same process and the same installation unit selection screen, you must delete all partitions of the laptop and, once eliminated, designate the unallocated space as the destination unit for the installation.

In the situation you are currently in, you must indicate in the BIOS with which of the two systems you want to start.
You must also indicate, from the Windows 10 home, which is the default system to boot. To do this, type Msconfig in the lower left box and in the window that appears, select the “boot” tab; if you have kept the two systems they will appear there and you must select the SSD as the default and save. Once you have done this, reboot and the system will boot into Windows 10 Pro