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I have both a Hi13 and a Corebook. The Hi 13 got bricked during a Bios update, and the Corebook touchscreen dows not work, nor does it rotate. I did not spend $1,000.00 on 2 tablets to have the go dead or behave like a laptop. I have special uses for both, but it looks like I may have to look elsewhere. All the drivers were installed, and the file was copied to the INF folder. Nothing worked. I hope to hear from someone who has had better luck with these than I have.
I may go back to Dell…

For what it explains, everything seems to indicate - unless there is a problem of hardware, which seems unlikely - that they are both a Windows problem, one with updates that apparently or did not end or were unduly interrupted during the process and in the second case, for a change of drivers.
Both, in case of Windows problems (not Chuwi) have an easy solution.
In your Hi13, if the update did not finish, because you thought it was not progressing and turned it off, because it ran out of battery during the process or because there was simply an error during the update, you will have to repair the Windows startup first by a pendrive with Windows 10 home multilanguage obtained from the official microsof site (you can easily locate it by typing “download Windows 10” in the search engine. Be sure to download Windows 10 with the media management tool (not ISO).
Once you have it, just start the tablet by pressing F12 intermittently and with the pendrive connected. You must exit a boot selection menu in which you must choose the pendrive. In the next menu, choose advanced tools, startup repair.
When the process is finished, your tablet should start Windows normally.
You can take advantage of the same pendrive to update the system: To do this you only have to, once loaded Windows, enter with the browser on the pendrive and double click on setup. In the menu that will open, choose to update Windows. (Do not turn off or interrupt the process as it will have boot problems again).

In the second case (the CoreBook), you must install the drivers for the devices that are not working properly (do not copy them to the inf folder).

Thank you for your prompt reply.

On the Hi13, it was in the middle of a BIOS update It was plugged in, there was no interruption of power. The screen went blank and nothing else happened. I could not get it to re-start.

It seems that there were several posts about the BIOS update disabling the machine. I no longer have the HI13. I bought the Corebook to replace it.

I cannot find anything as far as recovery images or drivers for this machine. I used the image for the Hi13, and it installed fine. However, I still have no touchscreen drivers to use. None seem to be available.

It is an Intel chipset, and I was able to get most of the drivers working, except the screen rotation (the initial cause of the problems) and the touchscreen.


Here the drivers for CoreBook.
Install those that do not work with the instructions I put above

Thank you! I now have screen rotation and some semblance of touchscreen. I have tried to calibrate the screen, but everything seems to be reversed.

I will uninstall the touchscreen drivers and reinstall them as there may be some problems there.

I’ll let you know how it works out.

Thanks again!


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I’m glad everything is fine again. As you will see, it was not a problem of Chuwi but of Windows and its updates.
We forgot about Dell at the moment?

I have forgotten about Dell right now…

Still a problem with the touchscreen, thought.

I’ll keep you posted.


Everything is working fine except the touchscreen.

I installed the drive, but if I touch the center of the screen, The cursor is 45° up an to the left about 2 inches.

I tried calibrating the screen through Control Panel, but it was worse.

Re-setting the calibration didn’t help.

Other than that, it is running fine.

Would like a working touchscreen…


The touch panel controller is not suitable. I try to find the necessary one so that everything is correct.

Thank you for the help!


Has there been any solution to the driver for the touchscreen for the Corebook?


In this link you will find the Chuwi CoreBook drivers: