Chuwi Ubook Pro - Crazy Battery

Hi all,
I bought this mini PC last year and used it just a few times, when I go to some customer I’m using it in order to have a quick, light and easy device for presentations and company office file.

I suppose to have charged the battery 25-35 times at all. In a year. But I’ve noticed in these last times I’ve used it, that the battery has got crazy…

I fully charge the battery in the evening while the Ubook is off. The morning after, I turn it on and noticed that battery is 7%…

Or, I charge it fully then remove the cable. In 5 minutes, the battery goes from 99% to 91%, to 83%, to 68%… In a few minutes. Then I turn it off and again on after a few minutes.

And Windows informs me that the battery is low, 7% - 9%… I need to work every time with the charger.

It’s a disaster. Now I’m trying to understand with Amazon if it’s possible to obtain a new battery but I’m not sure that it’s only the battery the problem.

Anyway, do you know why this behavior? I’ve used just a few times this laptop. It looks new ! Which is exactly the code / model / brand of the battery in the case of exchanging it ?

Thanks all

It could be a runaway process eating up CPU-resources, but since the Celereon in the Ubook Pro is so power-efficient, I doubt that very much. More likely is the battery itself deteriorating and not holding a charge anymore.

Can you see any swelling on the back of the Ubook Pro? Several members of this forum have reported their battery swelling up after a certain amount of time, sometimes even just weeks into using the device.

Look around on the forum, there are links to OEM-batteries for the Ubook Pro. It’s really not that difficult to replace.

Thank you,
for the reply man. No, no swelling at all, the tablet looks great and perfect, except for the battery that has become crazy :pensive:

Batteries can of course deteriorate without inflating. It could be a calibration error, making the tablet “think” that the battery is fully charged while it’s not. Letting it fully deplete and sit for 1-2hrs and then letting it charge for a full day might fix that. Pulling the plug (of the internal battery) and reinserting it after waiting 1-2 days might as well.

Another option would be to reinstall the OS. Sometimes malicious scripts can affect battery readings.