Chuwicorebook Xpro W10

Hola acabo de comprar esta chuwi corebook xpro ZoBXplY2H220700593 Intel I5
Nombre del dispositivo DESKTOP-L7IIFTA
Procesador Intel(R) Core™ i5-10210U CPU @ 1.60GHz 2.10 GHz
RAM instalada 16,0 GB (15,8 GB usable)
Identificador de dispositivo 4C66134E-23E9-40B5-A8AE-E4783E681A29
Id. del producto 00330-80144-04931-AA922
Tipo de sistema Sistema operativo de 64 bits, procesador basado en x64
Lápiz y entrada táctil La entrada táctil o manuscrita no está disponible para esta pantalla
M e gustaria instalar W10 ya que soy musico y con algunos programas me da ciertos problemas y creo que con el W10 funcionara mejor sobretodo lo que se refiere BLE
gracias de antemana

Hello mariomarcelo,

Your device came with W11, right?

yes that is you are right


With the licence you have now for Win11, it’s not possible to downgrade to W10. Are you having issues with your softwares in W11? Most of W10 version softwares work fine in W11 with no issue.

To have W10 in your device you will need to do a clean installation and buy a licence to have W10 legally running in your machine then.


I did a clean instalation already and bought a license , the problem is with 1 program but I think this is not the solution , if I like to go back and put w11 again whats the way to do it ?? thanks

What I have to do to put W11 again
Was not the solution to downgrade

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Either on Windows Upgrade, you have an option saying you can upgrade to Win11, or, go to Microsoft website, create a USB Boot drive for Windows 11(Select same version you had) and when you install W11, it should automatically be activated.

Create a recovery drive - Microsoft Support