Corebook X - Power on but screen show nothing sometimes

Hi, I have a problem with my Corebook X i5-8259u. Sometimes after I powered on the laptop, the screen showing nothing but I can hear the fan is running and the green colour LED light is on, so I will need to do a hard power-off and then do a power-on again (sometimes it needs to take few times to hard power-off and power-on) only then the screen will showing the Chuwi logo and start to boot into Windows. Anyone is having the same issue? Would it be the BIOS firmware issue?

I´ve the same issue. :sleepy:

Go directly to CHUWI Support.

Do you get a black screen

I also had the exact same black screen intermittently until it becomes pretty constant. As it is more than one year, were told to sent to HongKong for service. Shipping using the suggested courier like DHL or Fedex are very costly, let alone the Mobo cost. Still thinking as getting a new old stock as the price is lower now and have a new warrantly. But as it seems to be a common problem, getting another seems unwise.