Deactivate Fn Keys

thanks for the answer.
maybe i’ve badly explain the problem:

i would like to use “F2” just pressing F2 key
but when F2 key is pressed notebook toggle speaker!
i expected this behavior pressing Fn+F2, not just F2.

in other words, seems that Fn key is always pressed.

for example ALT+F4 don’t close windows… i must press Fn+Alt+F4

a little bit frustrating,

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Hello @cisco ,
Open the BIOS, go to advanced tab, first option is Function Keys mode.
You probably have spacial functions activated.

How to open BIOS? I never know the corrext buttom so I keep pressing Esc F2 F10 and Del and BIOS open.

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mmm sadly i haven’t that option in mi BIOS

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Hey, now, that´s weird. I would contact Chuwi support maybe a missing BIOS update or so?

please, thank you

here you are the specs i can read in my BIOS:
American Megatrends 5.13
UEFI 2.7; PI 1.6

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Sorry, I have mistyped. I meant you can contact CHUWI support to check and request for any update needed since you will have all information regarding your laptop model and SerialNumber, etc.

I just can say it´s a little odd that this option is not available in the BIOS since we expect all Corebook X 2021 to have same features and firmwares, drivers, etc.


okok sorry, i believe you’re in contact with them.
i’ll try to investigate with the CHUWI support

On this topics, it seems that people got the proper firmwares and files to solve the issue.

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Hi @coyotefert, excuse me but what’s your BIOS version code and date?
It’s really Corebook X your laptop model?
Thank you very much.


For sure it-s a Corebook X from 2021 with I5 8gen. lol

EC Version 1.04

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My CoreBook X has the same settings that @cisco one has.
Today I’ve sent an email to asking a newest firmware which includes this BIOS feature. I’ll let you know as soon as they answer me.

Chuwi support just sent me a couple of BIOS update archives to fix this issue.
I will test them soon and then report here my experience.



Did not apply BIOS update yet because I still need CoreBook X for an important job and I don’t want to lose it because of a failure. Maybe I will apply it before the end of January. Chuwi doesn’t guarantee the success of this operation.

Louke, Brux75,
i suggest you to wait unless you have hurry to change that behaviour.

sadly, after EC Rom upgrade Chuwi aftersale send to me my laptop seems bricked…

i don’t want to scare you, maybe my it’s an isolated case, just wanna warn you.

I hope chuwi aftersale help me soon,
I let you know.

@cisco, did you try to flash the new bios?

I have the same issue and it sucks hard…


hey guys, im the same problem on chuwi corebook x 14 i5 1235u. bios 2.22.1284

in support me says than fn keys not disable

For the ones who dont have the options at BIOS, an alternative that I commented on other post:

FN lock? Any Help appreciated - Laptops / CoreBook X - CHUWI | Official Forum

GitHub - okkosh/FN-key-lock: A Script/Program to simulate hardware F key lock on F1-F12 keys with custom controls and visible lock notifications.

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thanks dude, is there a solution for linux users?

Sorry, cant help you with that. Not a hard Linux user.