FN lock? Any Help appreciated

I get really frustrated because the backlit keyboard is manual and has to be reactivated every time the laptop is put to sleep or restarted. And generally its annoying to have to use fn button to use function keys. Perhaps there is an option for this in bios but i havent found it. If anyone has suggestions i would appreciate. I know there are third party regisrty options id like to do so stock.

Hello, About the Fn to use Function keys, you need to check if your BIOS has the setup mentioned in a previous topic here from forum:
Hotkeys without pressing FN? - Laptops / AeroBook - CHUWI | Official Forum

Check the image posted in this topic. If you have this same option in BIOS, it should work to change Function keys main feature.

If not, then it’s up to bios update and I-m not sure how to do it.

About the backlit, mine always turn on when touched even after restarting laptop. Not sure how or why, didnt do any setup.

Yea I don’t have that option…thank you though

This could be an alternative

GitHub - okkosh/FN-key-lock: A Script/Program to simulate hardware F key lock on F1-F12 keys with custom controls and visible lock notifications.

this is a good option I just tried out. I mapped all buttons but the damn backlit keyboard. Im happy with that solution though. Appreciate it.

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