Dm-Verity Corruption - Brand new device not working

Hi I placed an order on Ali Express for A Chuwi HiPad Plus on (( 2021-06-09 18:03 ) and had received the item yesterday (17/06/21) via royal mail.

I set the device up installed my apps and began to use it everything was normal and working for a few hours.

Suddenly my music on Spotify stopped playing and it went to a full black screen the Chuwi logo appeared and then the boot animation and it turned back on. I thought nothing of it continued using it and it happened again a few more times.

This is when I thought they was something wrong with the device then the message showed up on the right side of the screen

Dm-Verity Corruption
Your device is corrupt
It can’t be trusted and may not work properly
Press the power button to continue
Or, device will power off in 5 seconds.

I pressed the power button to continue and it was working still but kept turning off.

I turned to Google looking for what Dm-Verity Corruption means and found the way to solve it is first reset the device to factory settings.

The message still appears. I then found on the Chuwi website you have released Android 11 for this tablet so I proceeded to follow the instructions flashing the new android 11 onto the device. The green tick appears stating it was successful.

I then setup the device all was good for approx 10 hours where when I woke up went to use it was watching YouTube the app crashed it went back to home screen and then said the launcher quickstep has stopped so at this point I can only see the background image.

The device then goes to a black screen the Chuwi logo appears and the Dm-Verity message is back and have to press power button to boot into android.

I thought it was a simple android software fault but seems more like a hardware issue. As the issue has happened 2 times the exact same way only when the device is being used. At idle it’s okay.

Can anyone suggest what I can do to fix it as it has been factory reset and reflashed to the latest version of Android on this site.

Reflashed following instructions here

Before flashing

Before flashing