Repeating reboot with "dm-verity corruption"

My HiPad Plus has been working well. But today morning, I found it was repeating reboots. I did nothing special. There’s a message “dm-verity corruption” on the screen with a picture of a battery run out. I haven’t tweaked anything. The OS is Android 11, not self-upgraded.

I searched on the web and found what “dm-verity” means. And I tried recovery mode but in vain. At first Fastboot mode worked, but now it doesn’t work well anymore; I tried to go on Fastboot mode, a picture suggesting to charge the battery appears, but I’ve already plugged my tablet into an outlet.

What can I do to recover this bricked HiPad Plus or rescue my data? Any suggestions are welcomed.

I found some reports that are nearly the same as mine in Japanese. The story is: One day, HiPad starts to repeat reboots, if they are lucky, they can go to “recover mode” and do a factory reset. But they will fall into the same situation in a few days and someday they can’t do a factory reset. Finally, they abandon their HiPad.

It is surprising that CHUWI withdrew HiPad X and Hipad Plus from after I submitted the article above. What a coincidence is it?