Does anyone have a DUMP of the 4100 minibook EC?

I and another person have bricked minibooks because we flashed the 8100y EC onto our 4100 Minibooks.

We need actual DUMPS 1MB in size from the EC. The EC offered by CHUWI is not a DUMP and designed for flashing.

To get a dump a person needs a hardware flasher and something like a POMONA clip to clip onto the actual chip.

If someone has a 4100 and a hardware flasher and will do this and put the file somewhere they are guaranteed to be held up as a person of great esteem in my books! I know it might not count for much but it’s something.

Thanks in advance for anyone reading this and getting to us about it!

N4100 Europer version EC

N4100 Japan version EC

Thank you. Unfortunately because we flashed the wrong EC onto the computer our computers will not boot.

The only way to fix this is with a hardware flasher which clips onto the actual chip. And the ec.bin file is not the same as what is on the actual chip.

Therefore, we need an actual dump of the chip. It’s a 1MB chip and all the ec.bin files are 131Kb. So you can understand, it’s not the same file. It’s not a plain padded file either. 131Kb padded with zeros. So, there’s the problem. We need an actual dump of the chip made with a hardware flasher.

Thanks in advance for any replies.