First impressions and issues with Chuwi Hi 10X

Although I have only had my Chuwi Hi 10X for a few hours my first impressions are very positive, apart from one thing, the absence of anything like a Manual. This is my third Chinese Tablet PC so I know that this is not uncommon. However, the brief and uninformative instructions leaflet is the worst I have seen. At least a graphic showing and labelling the Tablet’s features such as the different ports, might have helped me to avoid trying to charge it via the wrong USB C port. It should not be necessary to have to go back to the promotional material online for basic information. Also, what is meant by the sticker on the temporary screen protector / mask which says to remove it ‘AFTER application completed’? What application and in what way completed?

On a positive note I thought the packaging and general presentation created a good impression, as has the machine itself so far, and also this forum which I look forward to using in future.

To be fair, the correct USB-C port is marked with a special icon. But I have to admit, the first time I had to charge it I also plugged it into the wrong one, because I didn’t realize there was a difference. It didn’t harm the tablet, it just didn’t charge (which I realised after a couple of hours).

The indication on the screen protector is probably from when they installed it during production. Most after-market screenprotectors come wrapped between two sheets of plastic. The first side you remove is the one facing the screen, and Chuwi probably just let the second sheet intact for the user to remove while unpacking. I’m guessing they use after-market screen protectors instead of custom ones so they can buy them at lower prices.

I share your positive feelings about the Hi 10X. I bought a Ubook Pro for myself and a Hi10X for my girlfriend, and while I really like the Ubook Pro, the Hi10X just looks and feels much more “premium” in hand. The fact that it cost about half of what I paid for the Ubook Pro makes it even better value.