Flashed with wrong bios accidentally

Hi I have accidentally flashed the wrong bios into my Lapbook plus and is not able to boot up my machine. Would appreciate if you could kindly help advise on how to recover it. The reason why I reflash the bios was because of the wifi wifi issue with windows 10.

Hope you can help advise what I can do to recover this machine.



if you do not have knowledge I do not know if you can do it yourself. maybe send it to chuwi.

Thanks for the advise. Are you from Chuwi?

I suppose you tried to flash the right image.
I never flashed a bios.

I am not sure if it would work but if you tried a hard reboot by holding down the start button then if then you could get your device to start then try resetting by going back to factory settings.

Can you get into safe mode? If so try from there.
If not try this -

  1. Put the correct Update on a usb mem stick and plug it in to laptop.
  2. Boot into Cmos and use that facility to update Bios.