Freebook 13 i3-1215 I want a manual or guide to the BIOS


I just want to tinker with my fan settings and understand all the other settings for this device.

A manual for the BIOS or even a description of each option would be nice.

I am trying to optimize my battery.

Thank You!

We do not have like a manual for the BIOS because we dont recommend touching it as it can suddenly create problems of the computer. But if you ask your doubts maybe we can help you or other users, that may have this computer.

Can no one in your team write a guide?

Well, Bios are normally pretty stardanrd im sure if you try to find a video on youtube, checking the version you have maybe you will find some help.

Yes they are as they should but I want one from your team.

The BIOS for Chuwi laptops differ almost yearly and per model. I want someone from your team to provide the best up to date information about the BIOS.

This not only helps me alone but for everyone who has the same laptop as I do.

You and your team has the power to contact the engineers who built and design this thing. I am pretty sure they can give documentation for the BIOS or even a Manual for the BIOS

I need to decrease fan speed or temperature at which fan spin up. Dear Chuwi, can I do this in BIOS settings?

The fan on this model is very noisy and working unnecessary too much comparing to n100 version. It start spining at 40 deg. C.

On Freebook N100 it starts on 50-60 deg. C.

So the problem is not in bad thermal paste, it just start spinning at lower CPU temperature.

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