Gaming on the Hi10 X / XR

During lockdown, I’ve been using the Hi10 XR as my main machine, and thought I’d share my gaming experiences on it. Obviously being a low-powered tablet you need to look at older games to get reasonable fps. A good source for older games that have been updated to run on modern Win10 is . Another excellent tool for getting older (pre dx9 or 3dfx games) to run is About - Dege's stuffs which will wrap older directx calls to modern dx11/dx12 calls. The Hi10 air presents its graphics modes in portrait (so 1200x1920, 800x1200, 600x800, etc) which will cause problems full-screen on pre dx9 titles, so dgvoodoo2 will solve that.

A list of games that I have tried, their settings, and average performance:

The Witcher - Enhanced Edition (
Native Dx9, 800x600, Fullscreen, Medium settings - Outdoors busy areas ~25-40 fps, Indoors ~40-70fps. Great game which is very playable throughout.

Tomb Raider : Underworld
Native Dx9, 800x600, Fullscreen, Low / Medium settings - Average 30+ fps (except for one outdoors setting with islands, sea & boat which tanked fps to ~15fps). Great game which I completed.

Return To Castle Wolfenstein (
Doesn’t start on integrated graphics cards (as noted on However - GitHub - iortcw/iortcw: Merge of ioquake3 features and fixes into RTCW code bases is a remake of the gfx engine which works perfectly. ioRTCW - Native OpenGL, 800x600, High Settings - 70+ fps mostly with occasional drops to 30+ fps in complex areas. Good game, looks really good and is nice to see such high fps.

Prince of Persia - Sands of Time (
Native Dx9, 800x600, Fullscreen, High settings, average ~60fps. Camera view is badly implemented, which makes controls difficult. Haven’t got very far in this, but it plays very well.

Mafia 1 (
dgVoodoo Dx11, 800x600, Fullscreen, Medium settings, 30-60fps. Controls are very sensitive with a modern high dpi mouse, but plays smoothly.

Mafia 2
Native Dx, 800x600, Fullscreen, Low settings - slideshow. Totally unplayable.

Deus Ex GOTY Edition
dgVoodoo Dx12, 800x600, Fullscreen, High settings - ~60fps. This game will run in either DirectX or 3dFX modes, and both work with dgVoodoo, DirectX gives a much better looking game though.

Anarchy Online (Old Client)
dxVoodoo Dx12, 1200x800, Fullscreen, Medium Settings - ~30-40fps. Very complex MMORPG, but a brilliant game, which plays well.

Anarchy Online (Beta Client)
Native Dx9, 1200x800, Fullscreen, Low Settings - ~10-20 fps. As above, but old client works much better.

Need for Speed : Shift
Native Dx9 (or dgVoodoo Dx11/Dx12), 800x600 Low Settings - ~20fps. Not playable at those fps for a racing game.

Hopefully other people will add to this list with their game experiences, as I’m also looking for other games to try. I hope this is useful to someone. :slight_smile:

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