Gaming on the Hi10 X / XR

During lockdown, I’ve been using the Hi10 XR as my main machine, and thought I’d share my gaming experiences on it. Obviously being a low-powered tablet you need to look at older games to get reasonable fps. A good source for older games that have been updated to run on modern Win10 is . Another excellent tool for getting older (pre dx9 or 3dfx games) to run is About - Dege's stuffs which will wrap older directx calls to modern dx11/dx12 calls. The Hi10 air presents its graphics modes in portrait (so 1200x1920, 800x1200, 600x800, etc) which will cause problems full-screen on pre dx9 titles, so dgvoodoo2 will solve that.

A list of games that I have tried, their settings, and average performance:

The Witcher - Enhanced Edition (
Native Dx9, 800x600, Fullscreen, Medium settings - Outdoors busy areas ~25-40 fps, Indoors ~40-70fps. Great game which is very playable throughout.

Tomb Raider : Underworld
Native Dx9, 800x600, Fullscreen, Low / Medium settings - Average 30+ fps (except for one outdoors setting with islands, sea & boat which tanked fps to ~15fps). Great game which I completed.

Return To Castle Wolfenstein (
Doesn’t start on integrated graphics cards (as noted on However - GitHub - iortcw/iortcw: Merge of ioquake3 features and fixes into RTCW code bases is a remake of the gfx engine which works perfectly. ioRTCW - Native OpenGL, 800x600, High Settings - 70+ fps mostly with occasional drops to 30+ fps in complex areas. Good game, looks really good and is nice to see such high fps.

Prince of Persia - Sands of Time (
Native Dx9, 800x600, Fullscreen, High settings, average ~60fps. Camera view is badly implemented, which makes controls difficult. Haven’t got very far in this, but it plays very well.

Mafia 1 (
dgVoodoo Dx11, 800x600, Fullscreen, Medium settings, 30-60fps. Controls are very sensitive with a modern high dpi mouse, but plays smoothly.

Mafia 2
Native Dx, 800x600, Fullscreen, Low settings - slideshow. Totally unplayable.

Deus Ex GOTY Edition
dgVoodoo Dx12, 800x600, Fullscreen, High settings - ~60fps. This game will run in either DirectX or 3dFX modes, and both work with dgVoodoo, DirectX gives a much better looking game though.

Anarchy Online (Old Client)
dxVoodoo Dx12, 1200x800, Fullscreen, Medium Settings - ~30-40fps. Very complex MMORPG, but a brilliant game, which plays well.

Anarchy Online (Beta Client)
Native Dx9, 1200x800, Fullscreen, Low Settings - ~10-20 fps. As above, but old client works much better.

Need for Speed : Shift
Native Dx9 (or dgVoodoo Dx11/Dx12), 800x600 Low Settings - ~20fps. Not playable at those fps for a racing game.

Hopefully other people will add to this list with their game experiences, as I’m also looking for other games to try. I hope this is useful to someone. :slight_smile:


Hello, can you help me please. I have the chuwi xr.
And my Problem is:
When I Start a game. Like mafia 1 the screen rotates 90 degresse and the game is unplayabil.

I had reinstall the Windows 10.
Can you send me an Image Form yours? Like tibx acronis Image

![IMG_20210311_202151|666x500](upload://zYE4QzOqEJDSoVID5YhJQog6LStick Ieg)

If I Boot from Stick it does the self :confused:

A lot of older games (pre DX9) won’t open correctly, and will be rotated and only fill half of the screen. In my original post, I mentioned DgVoodoo, this will map older DirectX versions to 11 or 12, which will cure the screen rotation problems and also generally give better FPS.

All you have to do is copy the dll files to your game directory, start the config tool, add the game location, and set your directx preferences. It will solve a lot of issues with older games.

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