Gemibook 12gb ram , 2k Camera is not working

Hi ,
I have Gemibook with 12gb ram , Camera is not working . I can see only black screen.

Please help!!!

PAUSE. Let’s run this back. Gemibook does not have a 2K CAMERA. Never have I ever heard that. It has a 2k IPS screen but not a camera. The best you can get so far in camera quality is a 2mp camera offered in the LarkBook Pro if you don’t mind that camera hunch bump in the bezels. Personally, for me, I’ll rather deal with the interference than not having good camera quality for zoom and google meet calls since all my school classes are online, blurry camera doesn’t sit right with me lol. But if were just talking about the Gemibook, don’t expect much from that cause it only has a 1mp camera as long as the Gemibook Pro and Corebook X based on my understanding, they don’t provide clarification on the camera quality. As far as I know, Chuwi does not worry about the camera quality, there are more concerned about other specs and transfigures than the camera picture type, that’s why there has ever been any progress in laptop cameras. Now that’s out the way, I kinda extra buttered that a tad bit, but the camera not working in general and you only seeing a black screen, u need to bring that up to Chuwi. I can’t do anything about that since it’s physically built into the laptop. You can try contacting, or, but if not anything at that point, ur first option should be Hope this helps in any way shape or form, might be a bit late