GEMIBOOK Boot from USB problem

I have received my new Gemibook. When it started begins applying windows updates normally. When the process is finished and notebook reboot, Windows indicates that there has been a problem and does not allow you to start. I have tried to go back to the previous version and after a while, it has also failed.

Since it is not possible to regain control (I try all the options), I have chosen to download the official Windows .ISO to proceed to reinstall or repair Windows, but the laptop is not capable of booting from any USB pendrive. I have tested these pen drives on other home computers without problem (with media creation tool an Rufus utility).

I have made sure that the pendrive is EFIx64 compatible. I have tested with FAT32, NTFS, MBR and GPT partitions, and I have played with the Legacy CSM compatibility boot. All options fail in this Gemibook.

When it tries to boot from that device (it correctly recognizes them in bios), the second it goes back to bios.

If I test pendrives in legacy mode and change CSM to compatibility mode, a frozen cursor appears at the top left and the computer freezes

I’ve downloaded some live linux versions, Hiren’s Boot Utilities, and no image is able to boot. (and works on other computers of my home. No iso or pendrive problem)

I have tested the USB3.0 port, as well as the USB-C. Both with the same result.

I have checked all the bios options, I have gone back to default bios, and all the tests do not work. Is there something wrong with my drive? The equipment does not work.

Is my unit faulty?

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Plug in your USB stick and enter the BIOS by tapping ‘Escape’ or ‘Delete’. Once in the BIOS, go to the ‘Advanced’ tab. Once there, scroll down to ‘USB Configuration’. From there, go to ‘Mass Storage Devices’. Choose the USB device and change it from ‘Auto’ to ‘Hard Disk’. Save & Exit. Boot back in to BIOS with the USB stick still plugged in and go to the ‘Boot’ tab. Under ‘Boot Option Priorities’, you should see your USB stick as one of the boot options. Change it to ‘Boot Option #1’, Save & Exit and you should be able to now boot from the USB stick.

thanks for the help, but I have followed the steps with the same result. The device is not able to boot from USB for some unknown reason. I try with diferents models, sizes, etc…

This is working for me. Sorry to hear it is not working for you.