Gemibook won't boot

My GEMIBOOK 13’’ won’t boot anymore.
When I push the power button, LED and keyboard turns on, but turn off immediately.
I left it 24h connected to the charger (maybe a battery problem). No effects.
When i plug the charger, I hear an imperceptible noise as if it were turn on.
I can light the ‘lock-touchpad’ LED with the combination Fn + ESC.
Here a little video of the problems:

Any suggestions?

It can be a keyboard problem. Try to hold ~, tab, caps, shift, ctrl, alt or enter when powering on.

I tried, but same problem.
I have to press tabs/caps/etc before pressing the power button? Or at the same time?

Thank you for the support!

It doesn’t matter, the main thing is to keep the button pressed.

This looks as Gemibook is not load.
Do the charger load?

How can I check the charger? A multimeter?

I check the charger with my cheap multimeter (no decimal): 11 V (output charger is 12V/2A)
Seems good…

11V seems too little to me. My charger have 12.23 volts

I’ll try with a more reliable multimeter.
(I had read around that these charger weren’t the ‘best’)
Thank you for the support!

If the charger was broken, I read that it would be possible to charge the battery with a power bank connected to the usb-port. Correct?

Yes, the laptop supports type-c charging via PD power bank (tested with PD 65W Ugreen)

I checked the charger with a better multimeter: 12.11V
Seems good.
Any tips?

Better return it under warranty, most likely nothing can be done without disassembly.

I wrote to and they answered me the next day.
I will have to ship the PC to Spain.
They wrote me:

We warn you that the data held by the device will be deleted by privacy policy, so we advise you to make a backup copy if you want to keep that information.

How can I make a backup copy if the PC won’t boot?
The NVME is inside and I can’t open the rear side…
Any tips?

You can connect the drive to another device.
I’m not sure about consumer rights in your country and in China, but in Russia if the design is such that you need to remove the cover to replace/remove the drive, then the warranty is not damaged.

Oh, I found that there is a lid on the bottom, opening which you will find the installed drive.

Nope… That’s the second slot for another M2. The primary M2 is under the rearside.

Hmm, I see. Well, the screws shouldn’t have a warranty seal, so you can remove
back cover. Most importantly, do not forget to put the drive back in)

Unfortunately, the screw in the lower right has it.
I have written to the seller to be sure I can open the rearside.

Thank you for the support!

The Chuwi Official Store wrote me this:

Hello friend, yes, pls kindly noted, to dismantle the laptop may make the warranty expire since any problem on the laptop in the future will be likely to be considered related to this teardown, which means “problem with human factors”.

Now, is there a way to extract data from the usb-c port using the disk as an external drive?
Like the APPLE “transfer disk mode”.