Gemibook Pro doesn't boot at all

After modifying some settings in the BIOS to try to start an external monitor with a USB typeC adapter, I lost the display on the screen. The computer booted up to Windows (part of the desktop appeared on the second screen) and I shut it down with a key combination that I checked on another computer. But after that successful boot (albeit with the built-in screen in black), the computer doesn’t boot at all. The blue LED that indicates that the computer is on only lights up for about one second. Due to the problem with the screen mentioned at the beginning, I cannot know if the computer emits some type of error message during that second. In the following video you can see what I comment:

I have found in this forum several cases similar to mine described in the beginning. In some of them they give instructions to load a BIOS update from a pendrive that resets it to the factory state, which solves the problem. But in my case it does not work because the machine does not get to boot from an external pendrive, or from anywhere. It just shuts off directly.

Any thoughts about this problem?

Thanks and regards…

In case someone finds this case in the future, the solution has been to open the machine (pay attention to the screws under the front rubber pads) and disconnect the battery for 18 hours so that the BIOS settings will be erased that they had surely become corrupted.