GemiBook Pro N5100 Storage Upgrade

Hello. I recently bought GemiBook Pro N5100 8/256GB. I tried to install a secondary SSD in the M.2 slot under the little access door with 2 screws. I tried both an NVMe (Samsung MZ-VLQ2560) as well as a SATA (Hynix SC300) SSD, with no success. Neither of the drives showed up in BIOS or in Windows when checking partition manager. I made sure to shut down the machine completely before installing them. I checked and both of those drives get recognized by my desktop PC. Am I doing something wrong, or is my unit just defective?

Just very good china quality products. They say it is expandable, they put the extra slot, but does not recognise anything you put in. It is the same with my gemibook 13. I asked this exact question months ago, and I did not get any answer from them.

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Yo consegui instarar una unidad WD Blue sata de 250Gb cambiando la ubicacion de las unidades, o sea puse el WD donde va el de origen y este en el puerto que trae libre tras la chapita, luego lo clone, pues el WD es mas rapido que el de origen y de momento todo va perfecto

Buenas tardes.
La verdad es que yo tuve ningún problema al instalar el segundo SSD SATA. Quité la tapa, coloqué el ssd y enseguida lo reconoció. Mi modelo es de los primeros que salieron, con 500 Gb de almacenamiento y 16 Gb de RAM.

i used Crucial P2 CT250P2SSD8 250GB Internal SSD with no problems.

I am having the same issue with upgrading the memory.

Sent email to support over 2 weeks ago with no response.

To me it has nothing to do with “China Quality”. Many products we consider “high quality” are made all over the place.

It comes down the the company selling it. If they source low quality, then that is what you get.

I am not convinced from my use so far that the product is low quality but the support certainly is.