Gemibook Touchpad Sensitivity

Is anyone else having problems with the sensitivity of the touchpad on the Gemibook? All of the gestures work fine, but the touchpad seems extremely sensitive - even at its lowest setting. Does anyone know of a work-around or are there driver updates? The Gemibook seems to be using an ALPS touchpad (ALPS0001, according to BOIS).

My touchpad works fine. No problem.

Well, you are lucky. Mine is so sensitive that I barely touch the pad and it produces a click. It makes for a very poor experience.

Please see below

A question to you all: Do you tap to click (by enabling tap-to-click)? Or do you physically click the bottom of the touchpad to register a click?

If I turn off the tap-to-click function, the touchpad is fine. However, I would really like to be able to tap to click and not physically click the bottom portion of the touchpad. Is there a way to do this without all of the accidental single and double taps while scrolling?