Geminibook pro delayed keyboard-light activation

keyboard light delayed after depressing keys

I confirm that

Need Bios Upgrade for it

Thanks for info…where do i download bios update for this product ?

Yes, the delay is huge and they should work on it (among other things as solve Microsoft account login)

How long? I have a ~1 sec delay

Between 1-2 seconds which is a problem if I’m typing in low light conditions or with no light at all

I also confirm that…pleease, provide an update!!also, is there an option to have keyboard light always on???

Latest DCH drivers update, 3/3/21 fixed kb light delay issue

Bummer…DHC drivers update 3/3/21 did not fix k/b light delay, sometimes light is instantaneously other times it"s not.

yes, i agree…dhc drivers update DID not solve the issue