HeroBook Air : Realtek 8723DU wifi card kernel module compilation on linux - next : audio & microphone?

just use the instructions on GitHub - lwfinger/rtl8188eu: Repository for stand-alone RTL8188EU driver. :

git clone https://github.com/lwfinger/rtl8723du.git
cd rtl8723du/
make all
sudo make install

… working fine on debian 11 (antix linux 21) …

… next : audio/sound … any help/hint maybe ?? thanks !!
… oops : the microphone doesn t seem to work either …

about audio / sound here is a related thread : Linux on Chuwi GemiBook - #5 by Andrea_IT

PS : for the microphone maybe it’s related to Intel Smart Sound Technology as I noticed it was needed on windows … here is a discussion : Are there Intel® Smart Sound Technology drivers for linux? - Intel Communities