HeroBook Air : Realtek 8723DU wifi card kernel module compilation on linux - next : audio & microphone?

just use the instructions on GitHub - lwfinger/rtl8188eu: Repository for stand-alone RTL8188EU driver. :

git clone https://github.com/lwfinger/rtl8723du.git
cd rtl8723du/
make all
sudo make install

… working fine on debian 11 (antix linux 21) …

… next : audio/sound … any help/hint maybe ?? thanks !!
… oops : the microphone doesn t seem to work either …

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about audio / sound here is a related thread : Linux on Chuwi GemiBook - #5 by Andrea_IT

PS : for the microphone maybe it’s related to Intel Smart Sound Technology as I noticed it was needed on windows … here is a discussion : Are there Intel® Smart Sound Technology drivers for linux? - Intel Communities

hello Pierro78. you are the only one who can help me. i have your same notebook (herobook air). I have installed linux Mint but it does not find wifi (bluetooth yes instead) and the audio does not work. what do you advise me to do? change distro? how did you do it?

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hello @Gloster96 , if you have basic knowledge of linux you can run the 4 commands in my first post and you will have wifi.

but the problem is the audio on internal speaker/jack : you have to have knowledge of linux kernel compilation to make it work and I don’t have enough knowledge in that (or maybe I didn t spend enough time yet trying) … maybe it’s going to be solved in kernel 5.16 (out at the end of the month ?) but I am not sure …

… so for now it seems better to stay with windows …

… I ll probably try kernel 5.16 when it’s out and will report here …

PS : as a workaround for the sound you could probably use an usb earphone/speaker …

about sound with ES8336 :

this guy here [BUG] NO SOUND for GeminiLake with ES8336 · Issue #3336 · thesofproject/linux · GitHub says :

“for Teclast F7plus 3 sound problem solved on 5.15.7+patches or 5.16 kernel with sof 1.9.3.
Hope this recipe will help to others.”

also there is now a tag for the es8336 issues :

(sof-bin is here : Releases · thesofproject/sof-bin · GitHub )

for your information I had the same sound issue with another n4020 ES8336 netbook and I got it working with yangxiaohua2009’s custom kernel and his help … you can see more information here : No Internal Speaker Sound on GML Kuu Yobook M with ES8336 · Issue #3365 · thesofproject/linux · GitHub (but microphone still not working)

thank you Pierro78! i’ll try!

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hi Pierro78, I wanted to inform you that I have tried the new 5.17 kernel on Fedora distro. It detected both sound card and microphone perfectly. however, when i restarted the pc, it only recognized the sound card. Even if it detects it, however, no sound is heard, but the equalizer moves if I play audio files.

I have not had the opportunity to do further tests, but it is a step forward.

did you try to play with alsamixer ??

I ve just tried the live iso of endeavouros (may 2023), played a little bit with alsamixer (headphones and dac settings) and I got sound ! endeavouros also recognized the wifi card ! … I think I am going to install it :wink:

EDIT : installed endeavouros (may 2023), audio and wifi working great as I said :slight_smile:
(for the sound you need to play a little bit with headphones and dac settings in alsamixer)
BUT microphone is still not detected :frowning: