Hi 10 X/ Display dislodged after 15 months

Yesterday, I have found display dislodged. Inside something looks as inflated… Very strange and almost incredible affair. Never seen before a similar thing.
I have sent email to service@chuwi.com, with pictures attached, and they have answered that it is a battery trouble. I could mail pc to Spanish after sale point. But I’m in Italy…
I bought it on April 2020, only 15 months ago. I have asked about warranty, in Italy it should last 24 months, but they haven’t answered. I have asked question again…
Much disappointed. 246 Euro probably lost. Only 15 months of life.
See attached picture.

Dear Luc,

I’m in Italy too and the same happened to me after 8 months, the battery is gone. Unfortunately, the warranty only lasts one year as the seller (Chuwi) is based outside the EU. Send it to Spain (the only service center in the EU) for free but too long and the outcome of the repair is not sure, as reported by other users. I solved it by taking the tablet to a Chinese repair shop, where on 80 euros and in 3 days they fixed it, even offering me a 6-month warranty on the repair.
I hope I was helpful.


Thanks for advise, Zimo.
I’m in Rome and so I’ll looking for a Chinese repair shop.
Just a bad thing. Maybe, it’s better to buy products of big brands. More expensive but so it is much easier to solve problems.

That battery is dangerous, do not use or charge it. If you can disconnect it, place it in a metal tin and keep outside until you can dispose of it safely. If you cannot disconnect it, I would recommend you keeping the tablet outside, somewhere dry. Stay safe! :slight_smile:

Update. I have taken my Chuwi HI 10 X to a repair center, for all brands, in my city. In only one day, they have changed battery and fixed everything. So pc works, now. I have paid 65 Euro for all. 6 months warranty for new battery.
Thanks, Zimo.
P. S. : service@chuwi.com hasn’t answered to my questions about Spanish repair points address and about 2 years warranty for Italian customers.

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Errata corrige: I have paid 60 Euro not 80.