[Hi 10 X] No sound on ubuntu 23.04

There is no sound on ubuntu 22.04 and 23.04. Bt headphones play sound. I would like to receive an official decision from Chuwi representatives

Up until three days ago (March 3), the daily pre-release version of ubuntu 23.04 was still using kernel version 5.9, and therefore sound still did not work. The version of March 5 uses kernel 6.1, and sound now works. It is necessary to invoke alsamixer (in a terminal), and after counting the 43 (!) possible adjustments this sound card has, you need to modify 5 of them: the headphone, headphone mixer, and DAC sliders all should be raised to maximum, and right headphone mixer and left headphone mixer (way to the right in alsamixer) should be unmuted by pressing ‘M’. The volume can be adjusted with the usual ubuntu sound control in the upper panel. Both the speakers and the headphone jack work, and switching back and forth is done just by plugging/unplugging the headphone plug. The speaker mute control in alsamixer does nothing. Volume is adequate for both, something I noticed was not so when I tried Manjaro and EndeavorOS, which do have the 6.1 kernel, but weak sound output.

One other factoid - the cheapo USB-to-analog heaphone dongle I bought on amazon the other day, which works fine on my Samsung phone, but does not work with ubuntu mate 22.10 (it stutters and freezes other processes on the computer), does in fact work properly with this ubuntu 23.04. Mate 22.10 does work with a CM106 type D/A dongle, so it looks like something got added or fixed.

On Manjaro I get no sound at all.

Will try Ubuntu, then.

Before I try, I would like to check one thing. It looks like there are mutliple versions of the Hi10X, some of them with the ES8336 sound chip, others with a different solution (realtek I think). Do you confirm that sound can be made to work on the ES8336 version?

Is the microphone (both the integrated one and the headset microphone, in case you use headphones) working as well?

Yes, alsamixer on my Hi10x shows essx8336, and yes, sound works on the beta version of Ubuntu 23.04.

My preferred version of Ubuntu is Mate, and although sound works on the latest daily version, and the beta version, of Mate, it’s unusable because the file browser (Caja) doesn’t work. And the Mate powers-that-be don’t appear to have been paying any attention to their bug reports for the past year. Grrr. So you will probably want to choose either the standard Ubuntu or one of the other ones (e.g. Lubuntu). And unless you enjoy pain, it might be best to wait for the official release date for 23.04 on April 20.

Don’t forget that in Ubuntu you will likely have to open alsamixer and do the various things I have listed above, and conceivably play with other alsamixer settings, to get sound working.

Haven’t tried the microphone.

i guess u got the doomed hi10x+n4120 variant.

because i got

  1. hi10x+n4100
  2. hi10xr+n4120

both use intel/realtek chipset, i remember i have sound when i play /w ubuntu.

the doomed variant use ess8336? chipset.

chuwi rep:

it came /w windows.

install whatever is your own responsibility.

get off!