Hi10 Air Windows Reinstall - no image for this serial on forum

Hey guys, we found a solution.
We sold it as is, as the forum tried to be helpful but didn’t work, and the emailing with the service resulted in a link that doesn’t work, and they never contacted or replied after.

Thanks a lot !
Thread closed.

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You didn’t get a single reply from the support team even after a week?
That’s weird…
So how much money did you lose and what feedback would you give from this lesson?

I got a reply, which contained a mediafire link that wasn’t leading anywhere, that was like on the 4th day of the initial email, then today still no response on the second complaining email about the faulty link, so we just sold it. We didn’t lose basically any money. But I wouldn’t recommend reinstalling anything that’s CHUWI without checking the forum before. Smart people are here, and not at the emails.

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